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Divertical by Bovey Lee: Finding Balance in Ornate Hand-Cut Paper Works

X-Acto knife in hand, artist Bovey Lee carves intricate, lacy illustrations into sheets of Chinese rice paper. Divertical, her most recent series, takes its name from the tallest water rollercoaster in the world, and the series utilizes the looping tracks and rails of rollercoasters as an enclosure in which flowers blossom, tightrope walkers spring forward, and stars topple out of the sky. Though the thin lines imply a frantic energy and chaos, closer examination reveals careful systems of symmetry and balance. Lee says that the work draws parallels between romantic relationship and how we relate to nature: Though we seek stability, harmony, and balance, the path often leads us on a journey that is both full of drama and a rich beauty.

See the work of many young artists—inlcuding Lee—who use paper as their preferred medium in our book Papercraft 2. 

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