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Marnie Weber: The Nineties

"In art school, I was making these big collages. I was inspired by Greek mythology. I started making work about other mythologies until I started making my own. Collage is more than a dumping ground of imagery. You just don’t put things together that don’t make sense. As I got further into collage work, I realized that I wanted to create a psychological moment. I try to make it look like a freeze frame of a movie, or as if you had walked into a play and all of a sudden, the characters had stopped. Like you walked into a scene and said, “What’s going on here? Now, my goal when I do a collage is to create an emotionally charged situation. I really believe that, over the years, I’ve found my voice." —Marnie Weber, Juxtapose (September 2016)

"Thurston and Kim saw my show of collages in New York and they contacted me and said, “We’d like you to do our next album cover.” They said the title was A Thousand Leaves, so in my mind, I kept thinking about trees and started sending them images with trees. They happened to get some slides from the gallery and chose the one used on the cover, which is a photo of me as a little girl. I was 12 years old and my family was living in Japan at the time. Some company was looking for a caucasian girl to model blankets. In every single picture, I’m not smiling and look terrified. In the collage, I added the hamster ears to my head." —Marnie Weber, Juxtapose (September 2016)

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