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Review: Lecia Dole-Recio

As geometric abstract paintings go, Lecia Dole-Recio’s are not an easy read. You know that there’s a process here – that’s more than apparent. Indeed, the paintings are all about their process, they’re overflowing with it: the layering, the configuring, the re-configuring. The residual components of her paint sprayings and splatterings take center stage, and this fusion of the residual and the primary into the same field appears to provide her with a process that’s eternally rewarding, though certainly not easy to execute. And in the bigger picture of abstraction, one which inevitably includes an awareness of process-based abstraction, more notoriously known as ‘zombie formalism,’ it’s pretty easy to see that Dole-Recio’s workings and re-workings are thoughtful, deliberate and unlikely formulaic. Maybe the process is easy for her, maybe not, but either way the resulting objects and images, which fold into and out of themselves, come off as richly complex, and ripe for multiple viewings.

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