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Spiritual Revival: Marnie Weber Casts A Perverse Spell

"Try it again without the death metal voice, Doug!" I'm inside a bulky latex ram-horned devil mask, wearing a  swaky  maroon dinner jacket and cravat, tending bar for a coven of witches in a ruinous hut in a crumbling bohemian campground in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, and Lee Lynch is getting sarcastic. Five hours earlier I'd  cought  a ride with my bandmate, the sculptor Daniel Hawkins, up the winding precipitous incline to Zorthian Ranch, a definitively unfurnished art environment dating from the antebellum heyday of West Coast Assemblage. Daniel was multitasking various production duties on artist Marnie Weber's first full-length feature film, which I'd been recruited to do a cameo....

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