Art|Basel|Miami Beach 2010

For Art Nova 2010, Gavlak Gallery presented a two-person exhibition featuring work by Marilyn Minter and Rob Wynne. Both artists produced new, major works specifically for Art Basel Miami Beach. Marilyn Minter (b. 1948, Shreveport, Louisiana) and Rob Wynne (b. 1950, New York) are both currently living and working in New York. Minter and Wynne are two artists of the same generation dealing with ideas of beauty, decadence, fantasy and glamour, but with two very different approaches. In 2009, Lily Wei of Art in America stated, "Rob Wynne is not afraid of beauty and its seductive shimmer" and went on to describe him "often combining the beautiful and the repellent." The same could easily be said of Marilyn Minter's seductive paintings and photographs of glamorous, luscious fashion subjects focused on soiled, unsavory aspects of the body. Often times the artificial can be more attractive and enticing than reality, as is the case with fashion photography and advertising, thus affirming Minter's approach. This also becomes clear when viewing Wynne's installations with shimmering glass words, sparkling sculptures and embellished "paintings." In a conversation with Mary Heilmann, Minter said, "I do try to seduce people with my paintings. I want you to get sucked in by their lusciousness." Similarly, Wynne's shiny objects may initially draw the viewer but it is merely an artifice used to further engage in an examination of perception through the lens of his deft understanding of art history and literature. While both Minter and Wynne's use of recognizable, iconic imagery seems to function as deliberate superficiality used to discuss deeper, more meaningful issues, their conceptual divergence is just as complimentary to one another as their aesthetic convergence.