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Judith Eisler - Artists - GAVLAK

(b. 1962) Newark, NJ
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Warren, Connecticut.

Eisler received her BFA from Cornell University in 1984. She gathers source imagery for her paintings from watching films and photographing stills from the footage. Her works typically have glossy surfaces and feature blurred imagery and light defined as substance. Descended from Pop art and Photorealism, her fluid paint-handling incorporates elements of James Rosenquist’s billboard fuzziness and Marilyn Minter’s bracing aggressiveness. Since 2009, Eisler has been a professor of painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte), Austria.


Born 1962 Newark, New Jersey
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Warren,Connecticut


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York BFA 1984


2019      Long Distance Love, Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach

2018      Riffs. Jarman’s Caravaggio, Casey Kaplan, New York

2017      Judith Eisler curated by Max Henry, Charim Projects, Vienna 2016 Judith Eisler, Independent Brussels Art Fair,

2015      Gloria, Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach
              Close Ups and Two-Shots, Gavlak, Los Angeles
              Movie Lights 6, One Work Gallery, Vienna 2012 Plein Air, Krobath, Vienna

2009      Rodeo Season, Krobath, Vienna

2008      I Don’t Believe it, I Won’t Let it Happen, Cohan and Leslie, New York
             Marianne, Glaspavillon, Berlin

2006     Anhauchen, Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna
             Rapt, Cohan and Leslie, New York

2005     “Drive, he said.”, Grimm Rosenfeld, Munich

2004      Room Tone, Cohan and Leslie, New York

2003      The Unconscious Has a Reputation, Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna 2001 Interiors, Galerie Krobath Wimmer,

1998       Tate Gallery, New York

1995       Luhring Augustine, New York (viewing room)


2020       Twenty Twenty, organized by Richard Klein, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, Ct

2019       Friends and Family, curated by Keith Mayerson, Peter Mendenhall Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
               Für Barbara, curated by Leo Koenig, Hall Art Foundation/ Schloss Derneburg Museum, Hanover, Germany
               Everlasting Light, curated by Cornelia Lein, Tim Nolas, Vienna

2018       Unter Bildern, curated by Anette Freudenberger, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna

2017       Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox:1989-2017, curated by Luca Lo Pinto, Kunsthalle, Vienna
               The Truth of Uncertainty, curated by Chrissie Iles, Hall Art Foundation/ Schloss Derneburg Museum, Hanover,
               Ugo Rondinone: I Love John Giorno, White Columns, New York
               Flaming June VII (Flaming Creatures), Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles
               Hope and Hazard: A Comedy of Eros, curated by Eric Fischl, Hall Art Foundation, Reading, Vermont

2016       Flat Screen, Split Screen, Smoke Screen, curated by Jackie Gendel and Vera Iliatova, Barbara
               Walters Gallery, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York

2015        I Love John Giorno, curated by Ugo Rondinone, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
                Inaugural Show, Gavlak, Los Angeles

2014        When I was Young, I Never Needed Anyone, Mauve, Vienna

2012         Still, curated by Peter Fleissig, Frith Street Gallery, London Second Skin, curated by Victoria Bartlett, VPL, NYC

2011        Vanishing Point: Paint and Paintings from the Collection of Debra and Dennis Scholl, curated by Gean Moreno,
                Bass Museum of Art, Miami, FL
                Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art from the Dicke Collection, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH
                Sammlung-LEIDENSCHAFT,curated by Rudi Molachek, Stift Admont, Austria

2010        Five Year Anniversary Exhibition, Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
               Judith Eisler, Bryn McConnell, Mariah Robertson, curated by Augusto Arbizo, Greenberg Van Doren

2009        Infinitesimal Eternity, curated by George Rush, Yale University, New Haven, Ct.
                The Female Gaze, Cheim and Read, New York

2007        Painting of Modern Life, curated by Ralph Rugoff, Hayward Gallery, London
                and Castello di Rivoli, Turin.
                Stranger than Pardise, curated by Max Henry, Charlotte Moser Gallery, Geneva.
                Neonoir, curated by Cameron Martin, Howard House, Seattle.
                NeoIntegrity, curated by Keith Mayerson, and Derek Eller, New York.
                Counterparts, curated by Ragan Cole-Cunningham, Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach.

2006        I Love My Scene, curated by Jose Freire, Mary Boone Gallery, New York.

2004        Much Madness is Divinest Sense, Cohan and Leslie, New York.
                10 Painters, Galleri K, Oslo.
                When The Lights Go Out... Cohan And Leslie, New York.

2003         Girls on Film, curated by Joseph Wolin, Penrose Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
                 Lazarus Effect. New Painting Today, curated by Luca Beatrice, Lauri Firstenberg, and Helena Kontova, Prague                   Biennale, Galleria Nazionale Veletrzni Palac, Prague.
                 Back in Black, Cohan Leslie Browne, New York.

2002         Painting as Paradox, curated by Lauri Firstenberg, Artists Space, New York.

2001         Das Gespenst, curated by Daniela Holzl, Cora Holzl Gallery, Dusseldorf.
                 Vice Versa, curated by Michael Lieberman, Rare Gallery, New York.
                 Visibility, Fair: Bill Adams, Judith Eisler, Shirley Irons, curated by Patrick Callery, Murray Guy Gallery, NewYork.                   Why Do We Cover Our Interior Walls and Windows? Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna.

2000         Natural Wonder, Kagan Martos Gallery, New York.

1999         Millennium, Tate Gallery, New York.

1998         Judith Eisler & Shop @ Up Superstore, Up & Co., New York.
                 Wild/Life or the Impossibility of Mistaking Nature for Culture, curated by Amy Cappellazzo, Weatherspoon Art
                 Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina.

1996         Carl D’Alvia and Judith Eisler, Lauren Wittels Gallery, New York.
1995         Ross Bleckner, Peter Cain, Judith Eisler, Jack Pierson, Juan Usle, Christopher Wool, Galleri K, Oslo.
                 Three Paintings, Lauren Wittels Gallery, New York.
                 Don't Postpone Joy or Collecting can be Fun, curated by Rudi Molacek, Austrian Cultural Institute, New York,
                 and Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria


2020         Graeber, Laurel, Putting Pencil to Paper, in Galleries and in the Voting Booth, The New York Times, Fine &
                 Exhibitions, Oct. 22, 2020

2018         The Top Five New York Art Shows This Week, Time Out, NY, Oct. 2, 2018
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2017         Pagel, David, No Wallflowers Here, Sparks Fly when art mingles on the Walls in Flaming June VII, Los Angeles
                 Times, June 2, 2017

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2010         Kerr,Merrily, Judith Eisler, Bryn McConnell, Mariah Robertson, TIME OUT NEW YORK, Aug 19-25, 2 010 Judith                   Eisler, Bryn McConnell, Mariah Robertson, THE NEW YORKER, August 16-23,2010

2009         Caron,Emmanuel, Judith Eisler: Portfolio, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES ITALIA, Numero 1, Autumn 2009-2010,p.140-
                143. Strohner,Iris, Judith Eisler:Rodeo Season, HAUPTSTADT, May, 2009

2008         Christopher Bollen, Judith Eisler, INTERVIEW MAGAZINE,October 2008, p.78.
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1996          Stuart Servetar, Carl D’Alvia and Judith Eisler, NEW YORK PRESS, March 3,1996.
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1995          Jan Kokkin,Teknikere pa Topp,”MAGASINET, Sept.10,1995.


2009 Professor of Painting, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

2007 School of Visual Arts, NYC

2006 Visiting Critic MFA painting program, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

2004 Artist in Residence, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee


2002 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship


Judith Eisler Drawings, Dashwood Books, 2018
Ugo Rondinone: I Love John Giorno, Magazine Palais #22, Palais de Tokyo, 2015
Picturing People, edited by Charlotte Mullins, Thames and Hudson, 2015
Plein Air, Exhibition brochure, Krobath, Vienna, Austria 2012
Creating the New Century: Contemporary Art from the Dicke Collection, The Dayton Art Institute, 2011 TIWIMUTA, VOLUME 1, Spring 2009
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Visionaire #46, Uncensored by Mario Testino, 2005
10 Paintings, exhibition catalog,2004
The Lazarus Effect. New Painting Today, exhibition catalog, 2003
Painting as Paradox, Artists Space exhibition catalog, 2002
Judith Eisler: Interiors, Krobath Wimmer exhibition catalog, 2001
Wild/Life or the Impossibility of Mistaking Nature for Culture, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, North Carolina exhibition catalog,1998



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