Miyeon Lee "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

Gavlak Palm Beach

October 31, 2007

My paintings are reaction towards the aesthetics of simplicity, space and geometrical elements. Considering both precision and concision, I seek to discover the poetics of nature within the mechanics of painting.

I produce all of my visual sources by taking pictures in daily life. Scenes that generate layers of ambiguous energy and moments that hold mysterious traces of life and memory capture my attention, moving me to paint.

Once in my frame, I start to develop a plan. In order to re-create the photographs into paintings, I need to analyze and navigate through every visual element that a photograph has. The elements of color, composition, surface, and layers are distilled through a process of selection and elimination – these distillations are then applied with specific techniques toward the finished piece that I foresee.

Each painting’s subject matter can be approached in a million different ways. I find discovering the most effective way of application very challenging.
A good plan combined with intuition reveals the intangible quality of beauty. This aesthetic makes a painting beyond what it is. I consider a successful painting one that generates not only the visual achievement but also a psychological achievement that vibrates infinitely in the form of energy.
I believe when there is more space, it has more information and when it is simpler, it is more interesting.