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b. 1985, Corona del Mar, CA
Lives and Works in Los Angeles

2007    BFA. New York University. Tisch School of The Arts.

2011    MBA. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 



2018    Bummer Island, Last Resort Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark    

2017    Nature, Castor Gallery, New York, NY

            Flaming June VII: Flaming Creatures, GAVLAK, Los Angeles, CA

            Cheap Vacation, GAVLAK, Los Angeles, CA (solo)

2016    For Pete’s Sake, Carl Kostyal, Stockholm, Sweden

            The Barn Show, Johannes Vogt, East Hampton, NY

             Boots Entering the Museum, NADA Preview, New York, NY 

             I Hate Mondays, Mon Cheri, Brussels, Belgium (solo)

             Shackle Me Not, Traaseth Gallery, Oslo, Norway

             No Rain, No Rainbows, GAVLAK, Palm Beach, FL (solo)

2015     Ten Year Anniversary, GAVLAK, Los Angeles, CA

             Michael Manning: And Alterations, Last Resort Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo)

             Caesar Salad, CURA, Rome, Italy (solo)

             Michael Manning: Sticky Bumps, Sommer Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel (solo)

             Post Analog Painting, The Hole, New York, New York 

             New Drawings, Levy Delval, Brussels Belgium

2014     Plainly To Propound. GAVLAK, Los Angeles, CA

             Refraction: The Image of Sense. Blain Southern. London.

             Wild Fusion: Vol. IV – Technoeconomicology. Bill Brady Gallery. Kansas City, MO. (solo)

             Episode 14. Middlemarch. Brussels.

             Wild Fusion: Vol. III – WWWHATWWWEDOISSECRET. Carl Kostyal. Stockholm. (solo)

             Wild Fusion: Vol. II – I Want To Believe. Retrospective Gallery. Hudson, NY. (solo)

             Wild Fusion: Vol. I – TOTAL COLLAPSE. American Contemporary. New York. (solo)

             Material Images. Johannes Vogt Gallery. New York.

            Too Soon. Perry Rubenstein Gallery. Los Angeles.

2013    Sheryl Crow Pandora Paintings. Bill Brady KC at NADA Art Fair. Miami Beach (solo).

            Bright & Contemporary. Smart Objects. Los Angeles (solo).

            Over The Valley. Steve Turner Contemporary. Los Angeles.

            Museum of Moving Image. Best of: Fach & Asendorf Gallery. New York.

2012    Bring Your Own Beamer : LA. The Geffen @ Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles.

            ASTRAL PROJECTION ABDUCTION FANTASY. Monstertruck Gallery. Dublin.

            Open Network. Cirrus Gallery. Los Angeles.

2011     GIF GROUP SHOW: FRIENDS. Fach & Asendorf Gallery.  

             Street Show: The Things Between Us. Eyebeam. New York

             A Small Forest. Kunsthalle New. Chicago.

             Self-Love. Copenhagen Place. London.



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